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What is the nature of the e-learning program of the faculty of Islamic Studies

The World Association for al-Azhar Graduates (WAAG), under the auspices of Prof. Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, and the President of WAAG, decided to carry on the e-learning project, to teach Islamic and Arabic sciences. This program comes in cooperation with al-Azhar University. The program aims to teach students from all over the world the curricula of al-Azhar University, without coming in person to Egypt. The program requires technical equipment, supplies and advanced software, in addition to qualified, academic staff, to participate in the preparation stage and developing the curricula. The staff and equipment will also be needed for implementation, broadcast and interaction via the internet. Meanwhile, program being implemented now is the program of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences

Terms of Registration

First: Azhari secondary certificate, or its equivalent- Azhari missionary secondary certificate or its equivalent- the Egyptian general secondary certificate or its equivalent

In this case, the student must pass an equivalence exam to the Azhari secondary certificate

The student should be notified with the subjects of this exam.

The exam shall be held by a decision from the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, according to a suggestion by the University Board and the approval of the Supreme Council of al-Azhar. According to the article no. 197, of the executive regulations, law 103, year 1961

Second: Hold a certificate in Arabic language

Third: To be a Muslim with good conduct and manners

N.B.: The University has the right to accept or refuse the applicant without giving any reasons

Is it necessary to acquire a certificate in the Arabic language? And what is the certified place to acquire such a certificate

One of the terms of registration is to speak Arabic fluently. Non-Arabic speaking student could acquire a certificate in the Arabic language from the Center of Teaching Arabic Language for Non-Arabic Speakers, al-Azhar University, Nasr City, Cairo. The Faculty of Islamic Sciences has the full rights in examining the students’ fluency in the Arabic language according to the faculty’s evaluation

How can I apply to the e-learning program, while I am living in a far away country

A student can apply in the e-learning program via the internet; All admission procedures and registration will take place online, www.azharegypt.net

First Stage: online registration

The student fills in an online application form, and a new page will appear o check the validity of his data


Second Stage: verifying the student’s ownership of the e-mail address

As soon as the student applies, he/she will be notified with an immediate message, including his/her username and password


Third Stage: the student should upload his educational documents and certificates via the Applying Students Gateway


Fourth Stage: reviewing the applications

Your application forms will be reviewed in forty days, after which you will be notified with a message on your e-mail address including a detailed list with the necessary requirements for completing the registration process.


Fifth Stage: following up the admission results

Students can follow up the admission results online, during the period of approving the application, via Applying Students Gateway


Sixth Stage: submitting the applicants personal documents and payment

The required documents will be sent via express mail

Seventh Stage: Registration courses

In preparation to beginning the academic year, the student must register the subjects he/she is going to study in the first term

Required documents

A: The student’s application form printed from the website

B: The original copy of the statement of the General Secondary degree authorized and sealed from the Ministry of Education of its country of origin

C: Copy of a valid passport


D: Four recent color photos of the applicant, of 4×6 cm, showing on its back the name of the students written with ballpoint pen.


E: A printed form the website showing the student has registered for the e-learning program

F: Form of consignment of the express mail

G: The form of submitting the admission documents; printed from the university’s website after announcing the admission results

H: The original copy of the security bank grantee of the deposited fees; sealed

What are the curricula taught in the faculty of Islamic Sciences

The e-learning program of the faculty of Islamic Sciences for the first year, includes 17 courses, which are

Qur’an, Hadith, Tafsir, Exegesis, Verses of provisions, Hadith studies, The history of Islamic Legislation, An introduction to Islamic theology (‘Ilm al-Kalām), Faith- theology, Hanbali school of Fiqh, Hanafi school of Fiqh, Maliki school of Fiqh, Shafi’I School of Fiqh, Arabic grammar, Arabic rhetoric.

Every subject mentioned above is supported with scientific and academic texts, prepared by the best professors in al-Azhar University. The curriculum is supported as well, with the appropriate multimedia, sound systems, videos and educational enhancers, according to the latest educational designs. The curriculum also includes technical potentialities, which enables presenting the scientific curriculum in various ways, suitable for all students, taking into consideration the individual differences in the educational process.


The program fees

Registration fees for the first time in the faculty: 50$; Tuition fees per level: 75$; Registration fees per subject: 80$; The minimum registration is five subjects per level

Account Name

Bank Name
Ahly United Bank Al-Azhar University Branch

Swift Code

Acount Number (USD)

Is the certificate obtained approved

Yes, the certificate is approved by al-Azhar University. This program is part of the educational system offered by the university to its students whether through traditional classroom learning or e-learning

What distinguishes the educational programs offered by al-Azhar from other programs

The e-learning educational programs offered by al-Azhar are distinguished from others as follows:

A. The long-standing history of al-Azhar University as one of the oldest universities worldwide and its credibility in teaching Islamic Sciences.

B. The certificate obtained is approved by the University


C. Curriculums are prepared by prominent academic professors


D. Content of the curriculums is prepared in accordance with the latest educational methods and software techniques.

E. The content is in varied forms: text, audio, video and interactive. It is well-divided by specialists in e-learning educational design

F. The technical support is available for 24 hours

G. A qualified staff is ready to help students with the academic difficulties facing them

Can I register for this program while I hold a BA not in the field of Islamic Sciences

This program is offered to those who have a secondary Azhari grade or its equivalence. However, those who do not have this grade will obtain an Attendance Certificate which differs from the Academic Certificate as it will state that a student has attended a certain program in a certain faculty where he chose to study particular subjects

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